Adjusting or Accepting?

Krista - Roxboro, North Carolina
Entered on May 12, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Being the black sheep of the family comes with plenty of consequences. Your actions are looked down upon, there’s a lack of justification and forgiveness when you do something wrong, a relentless sigh of disappointment followed with a shake of the head; but most of all, an intense opposition to your beliefs.

Because I was always this disreputable member of my family, it was only right my political views vary from not only my parents, but everyone I shared my last name with; Carter should be a synonym for Conservative. Because they are hardcore elephants, non-believers of change, and right-winged followers, my parents and I have never been able to see eye to eye. They have never comprehended my stance on freedom, my passion for liberty, and my defense towards making one’s own decisions. It’s understandable that different political ideologies will cause an obvious separation; nevertheless, the line with my family and I is a bold, black line drawn in permanent marker that can’t be missed.

My parents have been encouraging and compassionate throughout the years and when they first discovered my lesbianism; but, I know deep down it drives them mad. I honestly feel as though they’ve accommodated and adjusted to my lifestyle, rather than truly accepting it. Perhaps the biggest dynamic in politics would be the stance on gay rights. It’s probably the main factor I use in determining who I vote for in the Presidential election. Many members of my family outright disagree with my choices and in a way feel that homosexuality is unnatural. Unnatural simply means deviating from the norm, and although most do engage in heterosexual relationships, it does not make it wrong to follow a different path. If people would confront their own homophobia, then it would make it easier for society to overcome such negative baggage that is carried along with it. If people would honestly figure what it is that bothers them about homosexuals it may even make that twenty dollar K-Mart luggage set transform into a dreamy Louis Vuitton collection. If people could stop ignoring their dislike for homosexuals, they may be able to get to the root of the problem; and indubitably, the root of the problem is not that homosexuality is unnatural, or harmful, rather, the root of the problem lies within an unjust hate towards a chosen lifestyle.

My beliefs radiate those of Liberals, and perhaps the biggest reason why is because I developed them on my own. I independently stemmed my own political ideologies because of how I truly feel, not because of the way I was raised or the views I grew up with. What I believe in just that, what I believe, and I have never asked for anyone to side with me, nor have I needed someone to believe it, too. In the end, I would be completely comfortable in having my beliefs and feelings be my strictly own, and for this, I will forever remain proud.