A lifetime of Love

Laurie - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on May 11, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: love

When I met my husband I was sixteen years old and married to someone else. He was as well. The next thirty years of our lives passed, the relationships we started out in ended, we both had children and we both found ourselves in a place two and a half years ago where we were lost and looking for the rest of our lives. He was in California, I was in Kansas. When he contacted me to ask how I was doing I told him that my life was empty and useless and that I did not want to go on anymore. His answer to my giving up was to get on a bus and come to Kansas to take me by the hand and lead me home. Not to California but to a place where two people who had known each other their whole lives could sit down on a porch together and watch a sunset and figure out that you could love someone for a lifetime before you found out that you were meant to spend your life with them. He has taught me the meaning of love, forgiveness and passion; passion for living, loving and learning. Everyday is a miracle and every miracle can be fashioned from the everyday. Today when I came to the screen door and knocked to be let in because it was locked he came to the door and said “can I help you?” I laughed and said I wanted inside, I was dirty and hot from mowing the lawn and looked oh so unlovely.

He opened the door and said to our cat “Hey, Vinny, there’s a cute girl at the door!” I spent thirty years looking for love and found it had been there all along. I believe that love and miracles are always at hand, we just have to be open to them.