The Power of Diversity

Justin - Ellicott City, Maryland
Entered on May 11, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: race, tolerance

I believe in the power of diversity. The power to see people for what they really are and not for how they look is the ultimate power. It’s easier to obtain this raw power than it is to exact hatred onto another individual. The energy spent dividing and categorizing each other can be spent embracing each other’s diversities and our own.

I, like so many people, was a victim of race, as I did not see myself as belonging to any until a certain age. It was up until this point that I had the purist understanding of what people are. As a callow child, I only understood good and bad, right from wrong. I couldn’t understand how I was different than anybody else. As my cosmic role came into focus, my purity was tainted. I subconsciously was taught that being non-Caucasian in America was deficient instead of different. Diverse societies tend to rebuke such way of thinking.

Children deserve to be brought up in diverse settings because it is not possible for them to choose to grow in this sort of environment. With access to diversity, a child can grow into a secure adult who understands and acknowledges the cultural differences that affects them every day. One of man’s biggest fear is the unknown, so familiarizing ourselves with one another is the best possible solution to counter this basic human instinct. While we embrace each other’s divers backgrounds it is equally important to embrace our own and to extend the traditions of our own cultural ancestors to future generations.