I believe people can change

Cristian - 98031, Washington
Entered on May 11, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change

Do you ever have a great life changing moment and have it all just washed away like it never happened? Some events change you and you are impacted so greatly you can not change. You think everything will be better but there is always something there to hold you back. I know it has happened to me all the time. I would go to a great event where I feel closer to God, but it always seems that someone or I do something wrong to make me go back to whom I used to be. Then there are those moments that just take you to a new level and you just cannot change.

I believe that people can change, but it takes great faith and patience with yourself.

I always have believed that to change you would have to experience it. Take for example, one day I was four and my mom had always told me, ‘Don’t touch the stove it’s hot’, And I would not listen, until I touched the stove. I have always been careful about touching a stove again. But sometimes changing and staying that way.

The hardest way to change is spiritually and mentally. For example, this weekend I went to Winter Camp with my Youth Group. I feel the presence of God so powerfully, and I feel every part of me change. I am a better person than I was a year ago but I am not who I want to be. And when you leave an environment like that, you find it so much easier to go back to who you used to be. But just concentrating on what is important to you and having the faith and patience to overcome all that you come across, you can change.

I remember always doing all the things I knew was not right, but it felt good to try to fit in or to be noticed, and I continue to deal with the problem today. But I know what is important to me; Jesus Christ. Through him I feel all the love that I need and all the patience I need to get through life. Because of my faith and patience I haven’t been dealing with the problems as much.

I believe that people can change with the right amount of faith in what you believe in and patience. People change with some things. Sometimes it’s not so easy and you need to try again. But sooner or later you learn what changed you and how you stay changed for the better. Everyone can change, its just how you use the change for the better.