Homage to American families

Shadi - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on May 11, 2008
Age Group: 65+

This is a homage to all those american families who play host to foreign students when we arrive in this nation and are unsung good will ambassadors of friendship.

I remember my own arrival on Greyhound Bus to Minneapolis on a cold wintry day in Februar of 1956.I was welcomed by Mrs. Charllet Prnis and her son jack.While driving to their home,she enquired if I was not curious of being taken away.My reply was anyone who could care to come out in this snow and cold weather to welcome me,I must be in good hands.after spending weekend I was driven to University where I registered and settled in Pioneer Hall. About a week later I was feeling very home sick and decided tp look at Minneapolis Map and decided to take a bus to their house. I reached and rang a bell and she was astonished to find me on her door steps. She was curious that how did I managed to come acroos town ?She said I should have called as they might be out of house. This relationship continude for more than 45 years.

Being a foreign students we spent time with many families and one of those was Dr. Baar of Albert Lea which I visted quite few times.Once talking about my arrival the name of Mrs. Prins came up and I was astonished that quite few people knew her as she had resided there and thus a broken link was reconnectd.

During my college days I met my love and when I introudced her to Mrs. Prins, I discovered that my fiance’s mother and she knew each other as Mrs. Prins was the one who had given her first job. she was present at my wedding and always was sure that I had my birthday at her house. She welcomed us with open arms and have missed her after she moved awat to arizona but we did keep in touch.

Whenever foreign students uded to compalin about that they are welcomed and than forgotten ,I used to ask simple question if anyone of you have ever tried to contact them.after all they have taken time to welcome you or invite you for Thanksgiving and Christmas but how many of you have even

called and thanked them.

I would also like to pay attibute to many students at University of Minnesota and University of Oregaon who contributed bllod to save my wife whereas we used 46 pints of blood and plasma. I apolgise for such delay in thanking all Americans who have helped me.

I want this essey to pay my homage to all the families on behalf of all the thousand sof foreign students they had helped and are still helping.