Litany for Olam

Albert - Santa Monica, California
Entered on May 10, 2008
Age Group: 65+

Litany for Olam

I am cradled in a promise

That I made before I was given life.

I am the keeper of thoughts

Of all that have lived before me,

Of all that live now,

Of all that live after me,

Of all that walk upright

And of the smallest & helpless

Who don’t understand.

I am to remember that promise:

“We are of the same essence.

All are to me as brothers and sisters;

All are to me as family and my children”

They had promised as I did

Before they were given ife.

So I will care for them

As for myself.

And I will try to tell them

Of the Promise we have forgotten

Or care not to remember.

I will do this not only for them

Nor will I do this for myself alone,

But for what we shall become.

Albert Bernstein

(written ) March 4, 2004