I Believe in Simple Smiles and Hellos

Morgan - Tipton, Indiana
Entered on May 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Believe in Simple Smiles and Hellos

I believe in simple smiles and hellos. The kind you give when you pass someone you may or may not know in the hallway or walking down the street. These simple gestures let people know someone cares enough about them to say something friendly with a smile. Being involved with church activities and school mediating programs, I have been able to see from the outside looking in, how many people my age do not have the same home life as I do. Seeing the different situations has really opened my eyes. Witnessing different people getting picked on, or seeing people be cruel to others by harassing them has made me want to become a person who brings joy and happiness into their lives. One situation in particular involves a teenager about my age that attends my school. This individual is constantly made fun of at school, does not have many friends, and has a poor home life. Seeing the look on this individuals face when someone at school says, “Get out of my way” or “You’re disgusting” breaks my heart because nobody deserves to be treated like that.

Many students go home at the end of the day to an empty house, parents that are abusive, or that never say, “I love you”. Passing these victims in the hallway at school and simply saying hello and giving them a smile might just make their day and make them think twice before committing a life-changing act due to depression. Students who are picked on or mocked can often not only become depressed but also may take their life, or become enraged by anger and sadness that they take another persons life. Believe it or not, students resort to these acts because they have no other way to express their pain. By observing different students at my high school, I have noticed that I have it pretty well off compared to some of the hardships that have been endured by my fellow classmates. I hope that other students think twice before they hurt someone else through rude comments or terrible acts of cruelty towards others and strive to go out of their way and give a simple smile and hello to those who are in need of one.