Study on Humanity

Jordan - Haysi, Virginia
Entered on May 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I am a person of equal rights and semblance with nothing and importance with everything. I am an unbiased magistrate and yet callous and heartless to those who have broken the rules I allow myself to abide by. I am chivalric and yet I err as we all do at some times. I judge things in stride and take nothing for granted because anything wrote, said, or thought is worth remembering for times to come whether it be for an educational purpose, whether it serve as a testament for that person’s kindness, or an inner mirror to that person’s dark thoughts.

Nothing is as it seems and everything is seen as it is, and no matter the outcome nothing will change and everything will be the same. I believe that in over 1000 years humanity will not change from the period it is at today. Thousands of years ago people lied, cheated, stole, and killed and thousands of years later people will continue to act as fearsome animals, however, they will differ from animals by one respect. They will posses free thought and not be restricted by instinct but instead be driven by impulse. As children we will scream, bite, and claw to become the center of attention and as we lay withered with age, we will do the same for just a few more minutes of life were the chance given. I say this not as a religious person but as a reality.

Humans are born to make mistakes and we are meant to learn from them and yet now look at our current fate. Barbaric and savage we always will be as their can be no peace so long as one person retains a piece of his humanity, as we are born to ask, nay demand, that our needs are to be met by those in a higher place of authority, those who can grant something to take our minds off of a feeling or a painful time. I look forward to a day when I can look back and review a history of my life, and should I see a time where I erred I will lament the decision but never change the outcome because to do that would to deprive my own self of humanity, however violent and selfish that emotion makes us act.

I therefore retort a answer to everything that will ever be asked, should a time ever come when you are unsure of a wise choice there is no wrong answer. There is only the answer which you believe to be right and true regardless of the outcome. Because no one in history has ever made a choice they themselves felt wrong, no matter how wicked or benevolent the outcome. We are gifted with rational thought for a reason, to be able to justify the actions of ourselves and others and deem the lesser of two evils. That is our destiny and our future plain and simple.