All in Due Time

Vickie - Lemon Grove, California
Entered on May 9, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in late starts.

Events in my life did not come to me as quickly or as successfully as I would have liked them to. I had to work three times harder than my friends or peers. All of my desires, a dream job, relationships, having children, even my education always came past the prime of my youth. All of these dreams that I longed for I felt should have started sooner…not later, never came on time.

I always felt that many people accomplished, succeeded or simply put, passed me by and because of this I felt like a complete and total failure. I didn’t even have what I considered good enough reasons for not carrying out things in my life in a timely fashion, and the only things that I actaully felt that I excelled in were in fact my many flaws and failures.

As a result, I never felt that I would truly be accepted because I had not accomplished these goals as quickly as others, and I often wondered…what was wrong with me?

One of the reason that I felt this way was due in part to a community college counselor. This counselor made me feel that I was taking way too much time in receiving an education. Basically she told me that “I should move on with my life” which to put it blunty meant quit school.

I was humiliated, embarrassed and mortified, and for the longest time I did not share any of my dreams, aspiration o my goals with anyone. The ideal of sharing my deepest thoughts and emotions made me feel ashamed all because some counselor made me believe that it was too late, I allowed that counselor to take away my ability to dream for better things.

So what did I eventually gain from this counselor’s opinion? I believe that I learned that life is a series of chanllenges and that the journey I take may not necessarily be the same path as someone else. No matter how painful that experience was for me, I decided that I would no longer let it define me.

I learned that hiding from the poor opinions of others is never the answer. I am proud to say that I’ve accomplished some of my goals in life…not all of my goals…I’m, still chasing after many of my dreams and thats O.K. because I am a true believer that good things come to those who stay the course.

Finally, I have happy realtionships, a healthy child and not one but three college degress. What more can I say? How else can I explain my success at 44 years of age? Is it possible that “it’s better late than never?

You better believe it.