Success Is Always There…

Kelsey Taylor - Librty, Missouri
Entered on May 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

I am a straight A and B student who strives on working hard. I believe that one should always have a couple things that are his or her strengths. I have about three main ones. One, I am a great student who works hard. Two, I am an active volleyball player who does her best. Three, I am great with children and I get great pleasure when the children smile and laugh.

My definition of being successful is doing your best, working hard, thriving to always do better. Take me for example. I had to step up my game last year in communication arts and in math. I came to South Valley and they had different gifted classes than New Mark. So I had to try to excel in everything I did. I managed to keep an A or A- average in Communication Arts all year, so I felt successful that I worked hard and did my best. I also felt successful in Math even though I did not keep as good of grade all year. I technically skipped two grades of math and so when I worked hard and did my best, I considered myself successful.

For volleyball, I feel as if I am usually very successful. I always try my best, work hard, and have fun. Recently, I have worked so hard on my serve that I almost have it down pat. This is a big accomplishment for me because during the school volleyball season, the ball was so far away and I was terrible. However, over the past few months I have been so dedicated and worked so long and hard that I feel so wonderfully successful. My determination has enabled me to persevere my dream of becoming a great player.

Children bring me joy and happiness, especially when I am babysitting them. I love how they will smile at me or just crack up. I work hard to be as great of a babysitter as I am now. My sister was my first inspiration to become a babysitter and my brothers have just helped me further my dream of working with children.

I owe some of my success to my parents because they were the ones who taught me to work hard and push myself, even if I am having a tough time, it will pay off in the end. My mom worked and went to college while I was a baby and my dad worked hard to give me everything I needed. Then a couple of years ago my mom went back to get her MBA and she got it while juggling three kids and a full time job. My dad has been working a lot of off-duty to give my family more money. That is what I call being successful. My parents work hard, even in tough times, and still have time to spend time with their family.