A Small Miracle of the Human Body

Melissa - Madawaska, Maine
Entered on May 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

I was once asked the question, “Do you believe in miracles?” “Of course,” I would always answer, but as I would sit there thinking of all the bad in the world, I couldn’t decide if I was just trying to fool myself. Amber Alert…Young kids kidnapped…The murder of a young expected mother. It seems that you hear those things quite often, but in some cases good triumphs bad. I always tell myself that I need to remember that bad things aren’t the only things happening in the world. I believe in the good.

I can honestly say that I truly did not fully believe in miracles until my family experience one of our own. My uncle had informed us that the fifty years of his life would be coming to an end in just two weeks. I was petrified, scared, and sad that everything that has been happening would come to an end, but not the way we had all prayed and hoped for.

One February morning, my family’s miracle happened. Not the kind of miracle that you find out that you won the lottery. This miracle was much more important than that. My uncle, after two long hard years of suffering was finally getting a liver transplant. I was relieved, happy, and nervous from imagining how the outcome of my life would have been in two weeks.

Now, two years later, my uncle is healthy, happy and most importantly alive. This has taught me more than just miracles are possible, but that life priceless. When you have nothing left to give, you still have to have hope. Hope makes a difference. Believing that you will survive is what makes you survive. My uncle had hope and because he did, he is alive today. Having hope is a miracle itself. Why do some live and others die? I think it depends on not just the medical part of a person, but also physiological. If a person believes they will survive, they’ll survive. Life is much more than how much money you have, the quality of your clothes, or how perfect your hair is. It’s about thinking positive, being hopeful, and believing that the glass is half full. Its about living to your fullest because everything could change in a moment.