True Friends

Kylie - Madawaska, Maine
Entered on May 9, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Friends are there for you, to be by your side, to keep a secret, to watch your back, or to sit and just listen, right? Well, I’ve found out at one point in my life, not every friend is like that, and to see which ones are, I needed to be in a certain situation. The worst thing about bad friends is it’s hard to know which ones are not so good, and which ones will be there for you through thick and thin.

I believe a good friend will never judge me, and they should stand by me when the whole world is turning in on me. I believe if someone tells me how I should live my life, and it’s not at my best interest then they are nothing but an acquaintance.

The worst downfall of bad friends is when I tell them something I really need kept secret and they turn around and tell everyone. This is when I defiantly know that this person is just out to stab me in the back, and I should avoid them at all costs when it comes to personal things. One personal experience that I’ve had was once, I needed to talk to someone about a secret I had, and after talking to two people I believed were good friends, they later told everyone they knew about it. This showed me that they weren’t good friends after all.

Sometimes I’m surrounded by people I can’t trust, who I can’t turn to, or that can’t help me, and if this happens then I should probably go out in the world and find people who really want to be friends with me, for the person I am. They would enjoy being friends with me and would watch my back no matter what. Everyone needs at least two good friends in life and if I don’t have them around me now, my best bet is trying to find them.

Life also takes you on different journeys. Just because I’m really close to my friends in high school doesn’t mean we’re going to be life-long buddies. Sometimes time is all I’ll really need to find out who my true friends are. If my journey through life takes me different places and I can still come back to those certain people, I know it’s meant to be, and I truly have found a life-long friend.

A best friend is supposed to be like the saying “a sister from another mother”, because your best, most true friend is supposed to be there for you like a sister.

All through life I’m going to face hardship, and through it all I’ll really see who my true friends are, the ones who keep coming back.