Something Beautiful

Kristen - Lee`s Summit, Missouri
Entered on May 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Something Beautiful

I believe in something beautiful. This world holds in its fingertips the essence of extravagant natural beauty. There is so much wonder in our universe that I do not think people stop to appreciate enough. If we could forget about the artificial, the manmade, and the fake and just look at what is in its natural state, how it would take our breath away.

The simple joys of life for instance. What awe I finding gazing at a star filled sky, to be filled with delight seeing a shooting star race past. How I love to stand and watch the vibrant colors of the sky display God’s majesty as the sun rises and sets. The colorful leaves of fall. When a flower burst forth on the brinks of spring. The snow topped mountain or the crystal clear lake or the palm tree on the beach are even a phenomenal marvel just to stop and gaze at.

Holding on to those precious memories of special moments. The birth of a baby and the look the mother gives this new life. When friends get together and laugh so hard they cry embracing such a strong bond of kinship. A child on her wedding day, ready to take on a new adventure. The love that a family holds for one another with the inseparable bond that unites them together.

There is even beauty in the broken, when something can be made new. Beauty when someone makes it through when no one else believed they could. Beauty in that miracle that no one thought could happen.

I believe our universe has such magnificent beauty. I believe in a Divine Creator that holds it all together in the palms of His hands. All these things cry out to His splendor and His glory. Life is but a vapor: short lived in fleeting. It’s here for a time, but then fades just as quick. There is something beautiful when someone just stops to take in the moment. When I gaze upon these wonders, it points me back to this Divine Creator whereupon I stand amazed at how what is could even be. The beauty of even being apart of it all right along with everyone else.