One Voice

Hannah - Palm Desert, California
Entered on May 9, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that to believe you have to go through experiences. Through high school i have always heard “make a difference,you can be the change”. Whenever hearing that I blow it off with one thought in my head, no ONE person cam make a change. What one voice is capable of doing so? Personaly I have never been someone to notice whats going on in the real world like money problems, gas prices and politics.

Everyone knows the type of teachers that stand infront of the class and teach the lesson plan step by step with no interuptions. Then you have the type that give an assignment and send you on your way. 11 years of schooling, no one has inspired me to make a difference, ask questions or speak my mind. Until I had met my senior Government teacher Mr. Wipf who has changed my out look on school and reality of life. He has taught me to think for myself, make my own choices and take care for whats going on in the world that I will one day raise my own kids in.

I now want to be in school to learn and question things i dont know. I believe that ONE voice can make a change. Experiencing a complete change in almost everything I do just because of one person. I know now that i can strongly say i believe in one voice can make all the difference.