My Votes for Buddy

Timothy - Aurora, Colorado
Entered on May 8, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

Every day, for over ten years, I have had the privilege of waking up and knowing that I had someone who was a teacher, a student, a therapist, and a personal trainer that was in my life. Buddy is my Newfoundland dog. Buddy is my hero. I believe in him and he believes in me. Yeah, I have to clean up his poop, buy him food, clean up mud when he tracks it into the house, and not only have to take him to his doctor, but pay for the bill as well. Still, at the end of it all, he gives me something that not many of us get in our lives unless you’re privileged enough to have a special Buddy in your life. That’s unconditional love. Everyone should have a special friend like Buddy.

Buddy is more than just something I own. He is my sounding boards, my crutches and most importantly, my true friend. Okay, most would say “It’s just a dog”, to most that would the core of their reality, but in my world, Buddy is much more than simply “a dog”. When it seems as though I’ve been abused by just about everyone I’ve encountered that day and I’m feeling at the end of my rope, Buddy is there when I come finally come and he is there with a wet kiss and a strange, but understanding grin on his face that makes all my days worries, downfalls and upsets take an immediate back seat in to this gentle creature. The wagging tail and obvious smile on his face gives me the secure knowledge that Buddy is happy to see me and that all is well in his world now that I’ve come home. He doesn’t care that I like to watch “Star Trek” or that I’ve put on a few pounds. He loves me for me. He sees me for me.

My extremely furry friend offers me a haven for understanding when I have no other places to turn. He gives me options that I wouldn’t normally have. Buddy has a mystical ability to take my deepest pains and sooth them. He takes my happiest moments and gives them an added brightness. Even when I take him for granted or chastise him, tell he’s been a “bad dog”, he simply take it and come right back to let you know that I’m still number one in his life.

This wonderful and incredible being gives me a sense of belonging when no one else seems to hear or see me. His eyes seem to hold so much knowledge that it leaves me wondering where he got it all from. To me there’s no such thing as a dumb dog. Sure, he chases his tail, roll in the grass, and barks at the wind, but I paint my face and sit in the rain for football games, I roll around in the snow to make a snow angel. So I ask you, who’s the silly one here?

I’ve learned patience from Buddy. I’ve learned that communication comes in many different forms. I’ve taught him not to poop in the house and he’s taught me to exercise some patience and stay calm when I feel frustration coming on. These is give and take in our relationship. This is the best kind of relationship because it is enriching for both of us. Buddy communicates with me in a way that I feel to be non-threatening and I’m very open too. I’ve come to cherish and understand just how important that is to me. My goal in life is to become as good a person as Buddy already thinks I am.

There are dog people and there are cat people. There are bird people and there are (for whatever reason escapes me) snake people. I can’t speak for anyone other than myself when I say that without Buddy, life would be incomplete. Buddy truly is my buddy and every day I look at him and say “Thank you for being you”. I share Buddy with someone special and truth is, she’s a lot more special to Buddy that I am, but he never makes me feel that way. He’s a “Mamma’s Boy”, but Buddy’s love for me is just as great. It’s that kind of unequaled love and commitment I cherish and admire about him so much.

It is mine and many others belief that when we pass from this plane of earthly existence into the place we call Heaven, there is a rainbow bridge we must cross to enter Heaven. Once we have passed over that bridge, the first thing we see is all the pets we’ve ever loved and cared for. They will come running up to greet us when we arrive to make us feel the love they always did during our past lives together. I find a lot of comfort in that belief because I know I have that on that day, my Buddy will be there give me all the love, understanding, and comfort that he’s always given me. That truly is something to look forward too.