This I Believe

Kelsey - Sammamish, Washington
Entered on May 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: humanism

I believe children how the power to change the world. They have an innocence and sense of good that allows them to change things that the cruel impassionate world cannot even see. Children have one mission to love and change… This I believe.

At three, he was the boy who sat at the bottom of the stairs at the playground not letting anyone up unless they gave him a nickel. Parents were upset but this stubborn child would not budge but this boy just whispered, “It’s for love”. Of course, no one trusts a child one-eighth their age but after three months, this boy made 13 dollars and 33 cents in nickels.

He carried around this money for days until one day he saw a man playing a fiddle on the street and he dumped handfuls of nickels and pennies into his bucket. The fiddle player cried and embraced the young child that had no clue he had not only changed one mans life by hundreds of lives. That man on the street now owns a small apartment and business where he gives 15% of his earnings to others on the street. Thirteen Dollars and Thirty-Three cents has turned into thousands that is now helping others.

I believe in that three year old boy who will only wear green rain boots with shorts and who is always doing something to change the world. I believe in children… I believe in good… I believe in people.