I Never Gave Up

Krystal - Petoskey, Michigan
Entered on May 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Never Gave Up

I believe that never giving up has helped me accomplish everything I ever wanted in life.

When I was a little girl I tried so hard to learn how to ride my bike. I fell so many times and got hurt, but I never gave up. I just kept telling myself to keep trying. Falling off my bike cost me so many bumps and bruises, but it was worth it because I learned how to ride my bike.

When I was in high school I wanted to do well in all of my classes because I wanted to go to college and get a good job. I never gave up even when I did get a couple of bad grades. I knew that if I gave up, I would probably end up dropping out and not graduating.

After I graduated high school I had a full time job. I was living on my own, so all of my time was focused on my job. By mistake, I got pregnant. I don’t believe in abortions, and I didn’t want to give my child up for adoption because I knew I could take care of my child. I thought that I had ruined my whole life because I didn’t know how I was going to raise my child, go to college and work all at the same time. I never gave up though.

I still work and live on my own with my child. I am also going to college because I want to be an accountant and I can not be one without a college education. I never gave up because I didn’t want to let my child down. All I want to do is give my child and me the future that we deserve.

I believe that if I had given up on tough obstacles I’ve came across in my life that I would be in a bad situation. By never giving up I have accomplished many of my goals. These goals are keeping a steady job, living on my own, going to college and raising my child all by myself. I believe that everyone can do whatever they want if they put their mind to it just like me.