dungeons and dragons

Joshua - hinesburg, Vermont
Entered on May 8, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in DnD the magical world of dungeons and dragons is my favorite game. If Dungeons and Dragons were real, it would be a a scary, violent world. Ever since I got the monster manual my friend and I have been making a monster manual of our own. A monster manual is a book full of monsters that you can fight. It also tells you what they look like. One monster is a bugbear which is a large humanoid creature that has a nose like a bear. Another monster is the blink dog, it is a large dog that disappears in the blink of an eye and reappears in another spot a blink later. In DnD your character ventures though marshes and fields to complete quests and find hidden treasures. When my character is a human I feel myself going though whatever my character is going though. Humans are weak and other races like elves and trolls are more powerful. When you are more powerful races than humans it’s hard to imagine what their parents taught them to do in dangerous situations. All the same my friend and I like to be more powerful races. In Dungeons and Dragons the air is less polluted because the only thing that pollutes the air is the fire that you usually make every night. In Dungeons and Dragons adventures can become very rich with hundreds of thousands gold pieces. In dungeons and dragons if you ever meat up with a foe that is too powerful to fight there is always the choice of running away but you can also fight it and hope that something will appear to help and become your new companion. When I found a companion I was happy that my character had made a new friend. I felt like I had made one myself. When I make a new friend I am happy but later on sometimes I live to regret it. I enjoy DnD but it feels weird since almost all the time you are fighting monsters to keep peace in the violent world. I always have fun playing DnD whether it’s with my friend or by myself.