My Life in Music

Gary - Clearfield, Kentucky
Entered on May 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

When I was a child, I dreamed of being a rock and roll star. I watched the video stars of the 80’s and imagined that I would be right up on that screen, jamming hard on my electric guitar. I was told immediately that this was a far-fetched dream, that nobody ever made it in the music industry. As I’ve aged, I know, like we all do, that these words were not spoken to discourage me, only to inform me of the true nature of that business.

While I harbor no anger over this, what I never accepted was the thought that music is a waste of time.

I believe that music is a treasure of the human race, able to transcend age and culture. I think that those who have worked to master their instrument should indeed be respected, and their art revered. In my travels as a musician, I have seen many beautiful places and met many wonderful people. I never felt that I was squandering my life; it has always been a meaningful experience. Music will teach you about life as well. In ways you can’t imagine, nor can I explain. I still learn and experience great things every day from music.

Music is actually a metaphor for life in that you have to make harmony with what is around you in order for things to work properly. Everything has its place, yet everything works differently based on time and environment. It’s constantly changing, yet based on what has come before.

Never do I think back on all the hours I spent studying charts, exercising my fingers, or listening to everything I could; and think that I wasted that time. I will always believe that these hours were my apprenticeship to a skill that will always bring me happiness and friendships. I have the ability to make people smile and dance, and it is something I am proud of.