Difference make us dependent

John - Baltimore, Maryland
Entered on May 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that people will join together and forget their differences in times of need and tragedy. I have seen this on three different accounts. One when I was injured playing football, then again on September 11th 2001, and then during the Hurricane Katrina disaster. During these three times I seen people put all their difference aside for a common purpose.

When I was in my tenth grade year of high school, I broke both my wrist and tore the MCL in my right knee playing football. I had been in the hospital for about two weeks. During those two weeks I had everyone of my teammates come up and visit me. But my biggest surprise was when one of my coaches came up and gave me cards that were delivered to him for me. At first I thought they were just from other students in my school so I just didn’t open them. Then about two days later I opened all of then and realized that they were from other teams we played. They were from all my rival schools. All of my rival school had sent me get well cards, and , of course, they had some smart remarks. Tom from Bel Air said, “ get well soon so I can run you over on the field lol.” These cards made me realize that just because we hated each other on the field didn’t mean we weren’t friends off the field. I mean we all did play the same sport.

On September 11th 2001, one of the mast tragic events in the history of the United States happened. This day thousands of people died. Friends, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters were all lost during the terrorist attacks in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington DC. When we were watching people jump out of the Twin Towers, The plan slam into the side of the building, fire and police men run into a building and not comeing back out. We didn’t watch them events as white or black as male or female but we all watched as Americans. We were all united because we all had one thing in common we all lived in one country and just watched the horrific events unfold. I went to my church that night and seen people I never saw before holding hands and crying on each other’s shoulders. That day we were not saying my country was attacked or my friends died we were saying our country was attacked, our friends and family were killed. Even tho they really weren’t related to me I still called them family, my brothers.

Not too long ago Hurricane Katrina hit the southeastern portions of the United States. Thousands of people were displaced from their homes, they lost everything. Hundreds of people were made to live in the New Orleans Super Dome. I personally had an aunt that had to stay there for awhile. She told me that people there were helping each other and taking care of people that were complete strangers. She told me that even tho it was a horrible event she managed to come out with something she didn’t have going in. Friends that she never would have meet or stopped to talk to before. They all had the same problems and that made them close. People around the country were offering their homes to complete strangers. People allowed other people to stay in their home not knowing what would happen if the person was dangerous. They did it because something horrible happened again and they needed help once and now a brother needs their help.

So in the last ten years I saw people join together because of a common interest of a time of need. Whether it’s a horrible event or just an accident people will join together to solve a problem and help each other out. Just because were different don’t mean we have to stick to the same group. We all have gifts that can help another person out in their time of need don’t be scared to use it.