For What It Is

Eric - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on May 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in what is here all around us. Our big blue planet is mother earth’s womb and in that way we are all brothers and sisters. In this world interpretations are up for grabs. The only thing for sure is that the path for us all is built of trade offs. There is a light and dark. It is a common ground everything shares. However there is one thing I believe in that only human beings experience together. One thing we all feel at different, and variant times, bringing us together in ways so powerful. I believe in love and hate.

I believe they are energies which I feel that other animals and plants do not. All in this life that I have found I either, saw, tasted, heard or felt with my body. But love and hate are the only things I have felt my whole life with out never once seeing. Never did I hear taste or touch hate. But I felt it in ways that were so powerful they determine my journey of life. They are the duality of human nature, driving us to every new experience while pushing us away from what we do not want to learn.

We are all selfish, but anything les primitive is built off these emotions. There is violence and peace, rooted in love and hate. I have no sense of home. Home is supposed to be the place where one finds comfort, a place to go to when times are hard. Growing up, home was anything but that. I found comfort anywhere but home and every major obstacle in my life is easily found there. Though I loved them all the idea of it is painful. So it is not a wander that I am wandering far from home. I believe life’s journey is determined through all this. The destiny, the out come of it all, I will not know for sure and it keeps me going.

My mom told me the other day that while living in flagstaff next year if I find that I never want to come back again, that it would be okay. It hurt to know that she loved me, because that’s what that means. True love is putting what’s best for someone before what you want. I love my family with everything I got, but I can not help that this is the direction I have been lead, and we all lead our selves away from hurting. I believe it is right here all around us. These are elements of the destination, but what makes the journey can not be held in my hand. It can not be spoken in words. I can not hear or smell what determines my path of life. However love and hate are more real to me than anything else in the word, and this I believe.