Arash - USA
Entered on May 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I lay on the couch with my eyes staring blindly at the ceiling. I can feel my temperature burning my forehead. Sweat takes over all areas of my face. I try to fill my body with different vitamins in the forms of pills, syrup, powder, gummy bears, and even my favorite childhood heroes. Generally, the vitamins do nothing and my mother comes and gives me the right prescription. My mother makes me comfortable and places a warm cup of tea on my nightstand.

I stand on top of a tall hill looking down. My new bike is in my hands and the taste of birthday cake is still dancing on my taste buds. I leap onto the seat and roll down. The speed increases with every bit of passing asphalt. My best friend looks smaller and smaller as I look up the hill behind me. The handle bars begin to shake furiously as the bike leans from left to right. I fly off the bike and land on the unforgiving ground. The next thing that I remember is my father standing over me, attending my injuries. My father constantly reassures me that “everything is okay” and gently wipes away the bits of rock and dirt from my skin. He holds his breath for the brief moment that pain overwhelms my face while he applies the first aid spray. The tears from my face are wiped and my body is bandaged. I close my eyes in preparation to open them to a new day.

Throughout my nineteen-year life, I have experienced some good times and some bad times; I have seen friends come and go. There are people I miss, but there are people I wish I never met. However, the one thing that has been consistent throughout my life is the love of my family. My mother and father have always been by my side and have never held me back. They have taken care of me, and made sure I have everything I need for my future. Now that my future is being decided, I know I have the help and support of my family no matter what route I choose. I was raised to care for society as a whole instead of just myself, I was raised to help others instead of bringing others down, and I was raised to understand that a family there to help.

There are families in our society who are not like mine. They do not believe in families and they let it all go to waste. The darkest times in ones life can be saved with the help of a family. Having someone who is always there can keep one sane. Thanks to my family, I feel ready for the future. Family is most important. This I believe.