Have Confidence

Bryan - Arroyo Grande, California
Entered on May 8, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Great achievements are not accomplished by wondering, timid thoughts or just plain ease. They require immense amounts of hard work for the task at hand.

I have had a chance to achieve and accomplish goals I have been striving for all my life. Being a Division One collegiate golfer at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo is one of them. I have put in many years, countless days and infinite hours of pure dedication to attempt at becoming the best golfer to walk the planet. As improbable as this may seem, I am not doing this because somebody thinks I can, or not that I think I should. I am devoting my life to this because I need to.

I believe all aspirations can be accomplished with confidence. Confidence is the belief you can do the task at hand. It is the trust in your abilities. It is the faith that everything will happen because it is meant to happen. Whether it’s the confidence in your ability, the god you look up to, or the one you love, confidence will only help you positively in attaining the goals you wish to.

Eleven years ago, I picked up a golf club for the first time in my life. Immediately drawn in to the vast challenges the game of golf has to offer, I have never stopped. I set goals imagining to be like Tiger Woods (At this point in time in 1997 he was already taking the golf world by storm and just earned his first Masters Tournament Victory at age 21). My ultimate goal at this age was to play in the United States Junior Amateur Championship at least one time. My first attempt at qualifying was when I was fifteen years old. I was three holes away from easily making it, however, my luck turned sour in an instant. I made a bad swing which led to a triple bogey, a score of three over par on a single hole, and eventually missing the cut by a two.

This experience may be negative to some, but I viewed it as something that was destined to happen. At that moment, when I needed to perform, I didn’t have confidence in my ability to rise to the occasion. However after the mishap, I had confidence in my faith that everything is supposed to happen for a reason.

The very next year I came into the qualifier calm, composed, and full of confidence, reassuring myself that “this is the year you will achieve.” And it was. I sailed to a third place finish, at Stanford University Golf Course, and qualified for the Championship in Massachusetts. The very next year, I won the qualifier, raising my confidence to an all time high.

I attribute my success to the time I came so close. I realized I wouldn’t accomplish anything if I didn’t have confidence in my abilities. I always look to the past qualifier as motivation. “Trust your abilities, believe in yourself, and just go out and accomplish it!” I say to my self. This is why I believe confidence is the key to accomplish all aspirations.