Keep Moving Forward

katie - louisville, Kentucky
Entered on May 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Keep moving forward is the quote that I believe in and that I live by everyday. I got this quote from the movie Meet the Robinsons, in that movie there is a little boy that tries to make new inventions everyday and every time he is finished with it, it either fails or falls apart but the little boy never gives up. He just says to himself keep moving forward. He never puts himself down and he always looks on the positive side of things and never on the negative side. So while I was watching this movie a time in my life kept playing over and over, and then it hit me. The people in my life have been telling me to keep moving forward but only in their own words.

When I was a little kid I loved to play sports, and every time I had a game both of my parents and most of my family would be on the sidelines cheering me on. Well one day I had a softball game and I was so excited for this game because I knew that a lot of my family would be there to see me. My team was out in the field first and we got three outs right in a row. So now its my teams turn to bat. I was fifth to bat and we already had two outs and had two people on the bases, so all the pressure was on me. So as I am standing at home plate, the first pitch to me was a ball, so I thought to myself maybe the pitcher will just walk me. Then the second pitch which was a strike, so then I started to freak out. Third pitch was another strike. So now I am thinking to myself that I cant swing unless I know that I will be able to hit the ball. The pitch comes to me and I think that I can hit it so I swing, and of course it’s a strike. So I struck my team out. That brought me down so much but I had my family on the sideline telling me that I did really good and that to put that in the past and just keep moving forward so that brought a smile to my face. So a couple innings later my team got three outs right in a row again. So our turn to bat again. This time I was first to bat. I could hear my family cheering for me. So I hit the ball and I made it to first base. Everyone was so proud of me because I put the past bat behind me and moved forward.

All I really have to tell you is that if you mess up in your life, do something you know that you will regret later on in life, just put it behind you and keep moving forward, because there are always better things in the future. You cant hold on to something from your past for a long time because all that it will do is weigh you down so all you need to do is move forward and everything will be ok in the end.