Forgiveness and Flowers

Alison - Santa Clara, California
Entered on May 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: forgiveness

I believe in forgiveness and flowers. I grew up in a Catholic household where my parents were constantly saying “everyone makes mistakes”. I knew that forgiving was important but I never actually had to do it that much until I was a teen-ager and faced the reality of relationships. I have two older brothers and got to experience relationships between the adolescents at a very young age. I would listen in on their phone conversations when they thought I was sleeping in my room and I would always ask questions. I never truly understood what was so hard about relationships. Why couldn’t you just be with the one you loved like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty? It was not until I was actually in their shoes that I would fully understand the world “relationship”.

When I entered high-school, I was finally old enough to date my prince. I remember my first crush, Kyle. Little did I know that Kyle was not really interested back, and he was more into surfing than me. I was hurt and didn’t want to get into boys for a long time. That would shortly change when Valentine’s Day rolled around and I received a dozen roses and a card in my locker. The card was from Kyle and it said that he was sorry he blew me off the first time and wanted a second chance. I am glad that I forgave him because I went through my first one month long relationship. We both were bored after a month and decided it was better we were just friends. The next boy that I would fall for was the worst at making mistakes. I am pretty sure that he has said sorry to me 356,209 times in the past 2 years, and of courses flowers are soon to come after the apologies. People might say that it is my fault for accepting so many apologies and in the back of my mind I think that is true. Maybe I keep forgiving because I know that flowers and apologies will make everything okay.

Forgiving is very important to me. Without forgiveness people will hold grudges and not be able to be friends. Flowers are also a necessity to an apology because it is a way of showing the other person that you know that you messed up and want to fix things. Forgiveness and flowers are what have not only helped my relationships, but have helped couples and relationships across the world. I think everyone deserves more than one chance; it all depends on how many times you are willing to forgive.