This I believe Writing is your sould

Andrew - Dillon, Montana
Entered on May 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

This I Believe Writing is your Soul

This I believe as a writer, writing has expanded my mind. Not literally but mentally. Writing has open my mind to new ideas and to new ways to expand those ideas. Writing has allowed me to put my ideas down on paper and make those ideas mine. These ideas are my own and nobody else’s, a form of expression, a form of freedom. A way to get up and get out. Writing is now a tool for traveling instead of working. A tool to shadow yourself from the cruelties of the world and to counter power the ideas of the world. There is no mental police waiting and ready to jump at the first moment if anyone one mind creates an idea that may not been seen as anything less then beautiful. Ideas are just beautiful, untouchable moments that can only be judged and not destroyed by another person, their your own. My own ideas, thoughts, and inspirations can be created and written down and that alone is more powerful than anything that can be done. Use the declaration of independence for example, It was only paper and ink created into words that describe the unity of a country against a world power that at the time was the most influential culture spreading. This alone shows the importance of writing and how if put in the right combination can create a powerful and meaningful piece of art. Words and letter are like swords and stone, a tool against the fight of conformity. Words are personal and they can be seen as attachment of ideas and thoughts bring the mind and body together as one. If words and writing was never created then were would our ideas go?, they would be trapped and we would be forced to lock our ideas in our head, never being able to explore the unexplored, express the unexpressed. Personality is who were are and what we think and writing I a way to show and tell the world what you have to say and no one has the right to destroyed what you have created. This I believe about writing is soul and mind.