I Believe in dying your hair purple

Amy - New Canaan, Connecticut
Entered on May 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in dying your hair purple. By this, I don’t mean literally dying your hair the color purple. The idea behind dying your hair purple is being yourself, regardless of what other people may think of it. In today’s society, the public and the media is so fixated on everyone’s outward appearance being perfect, that doing something like dying your hair purple is out of the question. Stepping outside the box is something talked about a lot, but not often a philosophy that is followed. To step outside the box, you have to do something like dying your hair purple or speaking up even when it seems like you’re alone in your questioning.

When I was young, I cared deeply about what other people thought. I was always looking to please whatever adult happened to be around at the time. With the other girls my age, I always listened to whatever music happened to be popular, wore the same clothes all the other girls wore. There was nothing wrong with this type of behavior, but there was nothing special about it. When I first started reading, I was what would be referred to as a closet reader. As I got older, I became a self proclaimed bookworm. I have accepted the fact that reading is a large part of who I am. I have been trying to educate my friends on the wonders of reading. Often, my peers find it strange that I would rather read than watch the latest episode of “The Hills.” I have learned not to care what other people think, and to be true to myself. Reading takes me to different continents, different planets, lets me become whoever I want to be. I do not need a passport, I have a book.

Learning that stepping outside of the box, even though it can be difficult, ultimately pays off was not an immediate lesson. It took understanding that the media supplies ideals for what you are supposed to wear, how you are supposed to look, and what music you should listen to. It has become so common in today’s society to judge on looks instead of content, that it is hard to determine between what are your own thoughts and what the media wants you to be thinking. Often, it is hard to step outside of the box because you are not aware that you are standing inside a box in the first place. To step outside the ideals of society is crucial in order to learn about who you really are. I believe that dying your hair purple is a strong example of a way to step outside of the box. It takes truly knowing who you are to dye your hair a color that is not accepted as something “normal” by the majority of the public. If you are always following the crowd, it is difficult to listen to your heart when you are told your beliefs are incorrect.