True Love

Jarryd - Iowa City, Iowa
Entered on May 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

As she gazed through the window, a life of happiness, fun, worry, and confusion gently streamed through her mind. Unable to focus, the deep thought of her ex-boyfriend lied heavily in her memory. The days of nice gifts, random “I love you’s”, and “just because it’s Wednesdays” have floated by. Long nights of tears, arguing, and “I can’t deal with this!” have also come and gone. You see, love has its moments of glory, and at the same time, has moments of torture. Love can make you feel on top of the world one minute, or like you’ve lost your dog the next. With two sides to this un-evenly sided coin, I still believe in true love.

Love, is the best feeling. Or is it a choice? Maybe it’s a mindset. Whatever love is, it definitely doesn’t come easy. I like to believe it is a feeling, because without the gut instinct of knowing that your partner is yours, and yours only to have and to love, then there is no love. I like to believe that it is a choice, because there will be things such as habits, traits, or something as simple as a bad day that could alter feelings. It is impossible to deal with these things if you do not choose to, so therefore, love is a choice. Love is also a mindset. If you do not wake up each day with the mindset that your love for one another will grow, then it will never grow. The sad honest truth is that one single day may challenge your heart to prosper through all three of these ways of love, thus giving your heart a chance to fail at these three ways of love. If you fail, then love is lost. But if you succeed, then you like me, believe in true love.

I stumbled upon true love when I least expected it. I swore that the relationship would never work. We were too different. I brought whatever I could to the table. She did the same. Throughout the problems and hardships, I learned to keep my heart tame. When things were going good, I was on cloud nine. She gave me everything my heart could desire and I made sure that her heart stayed torched with my never-ending fire. I made her feel warm and she always kept me comfortable. Even when the days got cold and we argued like it was a virtue. I’m ashamed to admit, at times I hated her. Love had me trapped in a cage and there was nothing I could do. I’ve grown too attached. Her, I could not be without. With time, my heart would over come my hatred and that’s what love’s about. There were things about me that she couldn’t fathom, but again love takes its toll and works the kinks out. When love is going right, I swear nothing can go wrong. So yes, even through the tough times, I still believe in true love.