Hard work= Responsiblity

Cody - Preist River, Idaho
Entered on May 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

Hard Work = Responsibility

Growing up on a farm with 200 head of cattle, 2000 chickens, four wild turkeys, five pheasants, fifteen cats, and one dog all on six acres of property, I always had chores to do. I believe in hard work.

My father taught me that hard work has its rewards. It made me to where I can keep a job because I’m not afraid to work. Also all of these chores kept me from getting into trouble. When there is something to do I don’t get board.

Every morning I had to wake up at five o’clock and feed all of the animals before I could eat. Then I would go to school, and when I got home I chopped wood before doing my homework. On the weekends I would mow the grass and clean the house. I would also help my dad work on the vehicles on the property. I would even fix the fences when they needed it.

Now when I have a job I do my best and work as hard as I can. I have even been laid off because of this. They ran out work for me to do.

I can get any job that I am eligible to get just by showing my intentions to work. I have gone places everyday until they hired me. I have seen a lot of people that are lazy and never had chores as a kid and now they cannot keep a job. Also they have been in jail a few times.

I believe that hard work teaches responsibility. With hard work and responsibility I will be rewarded for the amount that I show. More work equals more money. Hard work has also kept me in good shape and also makes me fell better about myself.

Growing up I always had to do my chores before I could watch TV, play video games or play outside. This caused me to not really watch a lot of TV therefore making me concentrate on my work.

A lot of my friends didn’t like all of the work I did because they wanted to hangout. None of them graduated high school or went to collage. Hard work got me ready for the real world.

Hard work and some play makes for a very successful day. There has to be a mix of work and fun or a person will never want to work. I like to have fun while I am working to make it interesting. This also keeps my stress level to almost zero.

Being successful and having confidence in oneself is a result of hard work; this is what I believe.