No One Will Let You Quit

Courtney - Louisville, Kentucky
Entered on May 7, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

People say, “I believe in life, I believe in happiness, I believe in faith, I believe in myself, I believe in helping others.” Well my belief is this, “I believe in never giving up!”

Has there ever been someone in your life that told you never to quit, even when you really want to? I have. Things in life are so complicated growing up, that it seems to you to give up and everything will be better in life. I don’t believe this. I was watching a movie called A Cinderella Story, when I saw this quote by Babe Ruth. “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” This quote really made me think about life, and never to give up in what you do, to keep going for your dreams and to reach to your fullest potential. Sure this quote may seem like a quote for a softball or baseball player, but this quote applies to everyone in everyday life. Not to give up was taught to us when we were little, so it has stayed with us our whole life. But as we grow older we want to quit because things get so complicated. When I was little I heard a song go like this, “Don’t stop, never give up, throw your hands high and reach the top.” I loved this song because it had such a great beat and it was a song your would memorize on the spot, but now that I am 16 years old the message of this song pops out to you and says, directly, to never give up. Whenever you start something, you need to finish it no matter if you want to quit or not.

My personal story goes like this: Everyday I walk into school with people saying, “I quit”, or “I hate school, because it is not for me.” Giving up does not fly with me. Sure school can be boring but giving up at it because you are tired, or you don’t want to be there is stopping you from reaching your goal. If you do your work, which is also practicing, then you will become successful in whatever you set your mind to. Because remember practice makes perfect.

Don’t ever let anything stop you in your life, just keep going after your dream to reach to your fullest potential. No one can tell you what your dreams are; only you can decide what you want to do with your life. In life there are important decisions, so make smart ones.