The World is Different When Religion comes into Play

Emily - Hayden, Idaho
Entered on May 7, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

The World is Different When Religion Comes into Play

This I Believe Essay

When I was younger, every Sunday me and my family would go to church. My Dad always

said we have to dress our best for the Lord. So I did. I ran upstairs, put on my best Sunday dress,

shiny shoes, with curly hair. I loved going t church with my family. It just brought us closer

together that nothing ever went wrong. I remember when my mom was part of the worship team at

our church. She looked so angelic every time she opened her mouth to sing. I thought to myself,

“Wow, I have a mom that is so in love with the lord.” She inspired me to sing as though nobody’s

watching; to put my heart and soul into what I was singing. And so I did.

In my pre-teen age, I connecting with God through singing more than ever. I believe that God

has given everyone in the whole world their own little talent. I found mine with singing. When I

sang, all the negative things in the world disappeared. I too then had that same angelic look upon my

face. Everything was good.

A few years went by, and we found out that my dad had to retire from the military. We then

had to move. Since we had relatives there, we ended up moving to Idaho. Of course me being so

young; I didn’t quite understand why we were moving. I didn’t want to move. I wanted to stay with

my friends, stay at my house, still stay at my school, and even stay at my church that I grew to love

so much. When we were moved in our new house, it was hard to find a good church that met our old

church’s standards. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and months turned into years.

All that time trying to find the right church. Of course we went to several different church’s, but

my Dad didn’t like them as much as the good ole Baptist church in California. It came to the point

that I really didn’t care anymore for church. Soon after that, I was drifting away from God.

When I got older attending my first year of highschool, everything around me started to

change. People around me were acting different. They were cruel towards others, getting into fights,

cursing at each other, couples making out in the hallways. Everything that I was not used to seeing.

I was raised to be respectful to others, to be friends with my enemies, and try to make friends with

other Christians. For me, it was really hard to find the right group to hang out with. But me being

a friendly person, I was involved with all the different kinds of groups. When you’re a Christian, it’s

hard to be yourself around others who aren’t the same religion as you are. I didn’t want to be judged

on my beliefs, so what I did was pretend to be something that I wasn’t. I didn’t it was a bad idea at

the time, but then all of a sudden I see my acting, talking, and even dressing differently just to fit in.

I pushed God aside once again and did what I wanted to do. I ended up experiencing new things,

meeting all kinds of people. I was having the time of my life until I was staying out passed my

curfew, getting into trouble with my parents quite frequently, and I also was falling behind in my

classes. I never thought that this Christian girl would become so side tracked. But I believe that

people can learn from their mistakes. I only helps them to become stronger.

When my Junior year hit, something was telling me that I needed to be more responsible with

my life. I just need to buckle down and start doing what’s right. Then I suddenly look over and see

this really good looking guy in my classroom. Something about him was special and I wanted to

know what? I wanted to do everything I could just to get to know him. I’ve never felt that way about

anybody before. It was a different feeling. Days went by and I finally introduced myself to him, and

it was all down hill from there. There was something special about him. He was a Christian. And he

was proud of it. It didn’t care what people thought. He said it loud and proud. The thing that attracted

me to him was that he was a Christian. He had so much love for God that he put God first for

everything. I told him right after that I was Christian as well, and we clicked right away. I finally

found the guy of my dreams!

A few months later we ended up going out with each other. He introduced me to the church

that he went to and every Sunday after that, we went to church together. I re-connected with God

through my singing and me and my boyfriend became closer Two years went by and me and my

boyfriend were still together. You learned so much about each other and fell in love. Things became

serious between us. Maybe a little too serious. So serious that we became side tracked with God. We

weren’t the Christians that we once were two years ago. So then a month later we broke up. My heart was

broken, but I knew that God was still in my heart because I knew that he wouldn’t break up wit me


I believe that all the Christians out there including me should keep God close by us. Never

get side tracked with what you believe in, and follow your heart. I know I did. I’ve been through so

many obstacles. Too many to put on this paper, but now I know that I’ll stay on track because of

what I believe in. How about you?