The Power of Music

Victoria - Godfrey
Entered on May 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe in magic. Not the Harry Potter hocus-pocus, but the real deal that often flits in the background of human perception, hardly noticed or appreciated. I believe in the power of the arts. Since the beginnings of man, art has been used to communicate, to record and to entertain. It provides us with a basic comprehension of past peoples as well as an understanding of present cultures.

The arts are a common language. Anyone can interpret an image or a melody. Recently, a wind band from Krnov, Czech Republic traveled to Alton for a music exchange of sorts with the local New Horizons band. Though many of the members of the Krnov band spoke little to no English, their feelings rang true in their unified love of music, and we received a small taste of their culture in the Czech music they performed. Through arts, people are brought together in understanding.

Similarly, the personal joy one feels is nothing short of exhilarating. Having your nerves dance on end as you walk across the brightly lit stage and stare out into the black, echoing depths of Powell Hall only to end a performance with uproarious applause. The radiance bursting from every fiber at a simple compliment on a painting by a delighted recipient. Even the laughs you get from the high school’s musical. Those emotions are powerful and unforgettable. Without the arts, my life would be a barren wasteland where dark clouds of the mundane blot out the sun. There would be no color, no music. Life as we know it would cease to exist. I believe every person deserves the vitality the arts bring.

Human nature rests in the arts. They are the perfect way to express that which cannot be conveyed through mere words alone, such as love, death, and other prominent feelings. A perfect universal language exists in each image, each note, and each emotion. The world needs more exposure through the arts, particularly in the school systems, where children can learn to appreciate such a valuable tool that spans not only human history, but also cultural boundaries. Without an introduction to the arts, I feel students might lose a vital tool. Imagination. The ability to dream is important to drive the progression of the individual and society.

It is hard to describe the power of the arts. They make you cry and laugh, dance and sing, and altogether bring out feelings that would perhaps not be expressed otherwise. There are times when I hear a melody or see work of art that leaves me breathless. I believe that emotion might not exist were it not for the arts. I truly believe in the magic of the arts.