Post-It Notes Are Magic

Colleen - Iowa City, Iowa
Entered on May 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Post-It Notes Are Magic

It was in a 2:00 a.m. fit of anxiety that I discovered the most powerful weapon against the fears that plague my mind and keep me tossing and turning. It was not counting sheep or a warm glass of milk; rather the antidote for my sleeplessness was none other than a Post-It note.

I believe in the magic of Post-It notes.

My addiction to this common office supply began that fateful morning with a list of exactly thirty-four fears that were preventing sleep.

“Finals begin next week.”

“ACT test in three weeks.”

“Where am I going to go to college?”

The list went on and on. It took me almost forty minutes to enumerate each fear, but when I was done, my mind relaxed and sleep blissfully came. From that morning on my Post-It notes and I were inseparable. I put them in my locker, in my jacket pockets, in my purse, in my book-bag and in the glove-box of my truck; I am never without them; they are my constant companion. There is something comforting about being able to take the most ominous thoughts, scribble them on a small piece of paper and smack them against the wall.

Post-It notes are amazing. These small squares of paper can be used to take phone messages, write notes, organize thoughts or discreetly collect chewing gum when other options are unavailable. They can bookmark your place in a favorite novel or in a real pinch can even be used as tape. If the standard pale yellow color does not strike your fancy, a wide variety of colors and shapes are available. I have a desk drawer full of a rainbow of colored pads to match my mood and facilitate my compulsive listing habits.

Over time, my use of these notes has expanded to cover every thought, every laugh, every hope, every tear and every fear. Like vines of ivy, these squares have crept from the headboard of my bed across my bedroom walls. Post-Its on the doorframe tell me

“Don’t forget PE uniform”


“Have dad sign permission slip”.

The headboard of my bed ponders pain and asks,

“Who can I trust enough to talk to?”

Scattered over the room, written in all capital letters, underlined at least three times and always followed with exclamation points, are the words


There is a section of my wall dedicated to the presidential election, keeping track of the delegate counts of each candidate. There is a corner for prayers.

Post-It notes remind, organize, and encourage. But, the real power of the Post-It note is not in reminding but in putting life into prospective. Faced with the honesty of a little piece of paper, an unguarded truth is drawn from me. My demons are turned to words. The fears that keep me awake into the early hours of the morning, once written on a little square are held safe until the light of day where they look so much smaller and well contained. Post-It notes help me manage life.

Post-It notes are magic.