This I Believe

Donald - Dillon, Montana
Entered on May 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

This I Believe

Belief in writing may be the most important belief I’ve ever had. Not because I was always able to bail myself out with the written word but because it’s one of the few beliefs I’ve had that hasn’t wavered or blurred. It’s one of those wonders of life that to alter my reality at any time.

I guess my idea of writing is like most people’s idea of acting. Much like acting, writing for me can be a form of expression and projection. I can then shape those ideas into whatever I want my audience to see. If I choose to make them believe that I have been to the moon or that I invented liquid soap, I can because that’s my prerogative. It is the freedom to interpret and the freedom of reinvention in my opinion. This freedom would have to be my favorite aspect of writing. Maybe it’s the reason I practiced at it so often growing up. I hope that practice has and will in the future show betterment in it’s progression.

I believe it has but as Mark Twain said, “When God created the world, he saw that it was good. I too made this mistake after my first work but time I tell you, will teach you to be more cautious in the future.” So it is necessary I find, to remain humble since we will most certainly realize the amateurism in our early works later in life. I have noticed an enormous development in my writing since the time I wrote my first essay. I am confident this progress will catch my eye once again in the future.

Certainly writing like anything else in our complicated lives requires practice for enhancement of that skill. I have always enjoyed receiving constructive criticism on my writing because I can accept that there are people smarter than I. it is their expertise and guidance that has enabled me to improve my abilities. I plan to continue my writing as a practiced skill in the future and I trust that with the help of my peers and my instructors, this will become flawless one day.