Writing on Topics close to the heart

Matt - 59602, Montana
Entered on May 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

This I believe about myself as a writer and writing in general. I believe that writing is not as easy for me as I once thought. Getting the ideas in my head down on paper is harder than I had originally thought. These past days have pushed me as a writer to become something that can do what he puts in mind to. Writing is to me like the way to get my ideas across other than getting into an argument. Writing is a great way to produce a great argument and will give you a place to go with your thoughts and ideas. Whether you write for the fun of it or write for class. Writing is something you need to be able to very well. Your job will more than likely ask you to do some sort of writing and you need to get your point across to your fellow employees and bosses. Writing should not seem like a something that you can only do for someone. I have found that writing lets me express my feelings for topics and issues close to my heart. Writing just to write is something that will help you throughout your lifetime and will allow you to access things that seem very much out of reach for you. I myself have not always enjoyed writing unlike many of my peers. To me writing is a slower way of conversation. Classes have made me write on topics that I do not really care for at all. Writing on a topic that you care about now that is a different thing altogether. Writing about firearms or going to a funeral is something that I enjoy. Expressing my feelings in the form of words is something that gives me great pleasure and hopefully is entertaining for the reader. Writing knowing your audience is a big deal also. If you care about your audience then I believe that you will try that much harder to convince them of your ideas.