This I Believe Through Writing

Chazz - missoula, Montana
Entered on May 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I have learned that not every writer has the same capabilities or the same abilities. I believe that this is what makes every writer unique. I have found that by holding a simple pen or pencil to a piece of paper is one of the most powerful possessions any human being can have. I am different from every writer in every way. I believe writing is a more powerful way of communicating than speech, because when I write words down that is what I mean it to be, and there is no way for the reader to miss interpret my words and change them. When I grasp my pencil and look at the blank page in front of me I can feel that power of expression throughout my body and I can feel it just waiting to be poured out on to the blank page that is in front of me. I believe that I write best when I have a physical connection toward what I am going to write, like writing through my emotion or what I am feeling at that moment. I believe that I have grown as a writer and have found that my strongest ability is my imagination and my strongest capability is writing through my emotion. Although I do have weak points in my writing, which everyone does, the more I write the more I am able to understand and learn more about myself. Their are certain parts to writing that come to me easily like writing down what I feel but the hard part about writing what I feel is trying to best explain that to the audience through my choice of words and choice of voice. I believe everyone is a writer, their are just ones that are better at it. I believe writing is like a break from reality in the sense that it’s just a paper, pencil, and yourself and whatever you put down on that paper is your way of letting go. I have discovered that writing down what I am feeling can help me through whatever I am going through or really understand the meaning of what is happening in my world, and that to me is a very powerful part to writing. I find that writing is sort of an adventure for me because every time I let myself let go I always find something that I have not known or find a new discovery. This I Believe!