Life is not fair

Tam - Kent, Washington
Entered on May 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Life is Not Fair

Do you think that life is not fair and that you don’t always get what you want? I believe that life is not fair, you can get blamed for something you didn’t do, some people are just rich and some people are just poor, and you don’t always get what you want. On the other hand, life not being fair is that you get blamed for something you didn’t do and you have to deal with that.

I remember in the fifth grade, I was blamed for something I didn’t do. I was accused of stealing at Wal-Mart when my friend was the one stealing, I actually paid for my stuff, but in the end we all got in trouble. My mom had to come and pick us up and we both got yelled at. Life isn’t fair because you can get framed for something you didn’t even do. Also, during a trial at the Supreme Court you can be considered guilty when deep down inside you know your innocent and so does the other people at the court. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time can get you in trouble easily because you could’ve just gotten thereafter something happened and you can get blamed for doing it. However, life can be unfair because of wealth as well.

Life is sometimes unfair when some people are rich and some are very poor. Some people are born rich because their parents are rich. Most of the people that are rich have very high paying jobs. Sadly, for the people that are born into a poor family because their parents didn’t have a good paying job. In addition, in order to get what you want you need money.

Life not being fair is sometimes because you don’t always get what you want. Some kids just want to grow up and be rich but being rich requires either very good education or you must have a lot of talent. Also, you don’t always get the grades you want because the teacher either hates you for something or he or she doesn’t give you enough time to complete the assignments. Compared, to life not being fair and struggling in life is the same thing.

I’ve been struggling on deciding whether or not life is fair and now I have come to a decision that I do believe that life is not fair. You can get accused of something you didn’t do. Also, being born into a poor family can have a very negative effect on you and how you live your life. Lastly, life isn’t fair because you don’t always get what you want. I believe that if we try our best we can make life fair, easy to live, and enjoy. We must take down all the obstacles that make life unfair so we can enjoy it and live it to the fullest.