This I Believe

cory - fort worth, Texas
Entered on May 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope

This I Believe Essay

I believe in hope , hope that we or you my peers and classmates shine , I mean shine ,shine like a star I feel that it’s too much hate in our society . Not that it’s nothing new about people being jealous but it’s the same old thing always whether it’s your friend from high school that didn’t get that scholarship you received and is mad or upset because you were blessed with one. Or your new friend in college thats mad at you because your not in the same fraternity as they are . This I Believe is not what life is all about because I believe that everyone is entitled to their own dream . Dream that they become whatever there hearts desire I have a great coolness about myself that when I’m in a tough situation I put my self determination to the test even if I do have to work a little more harder at the task at hand I put my best efforts into it. I believe that one day we as a whole can all come together I mean blacks , whites , Hispanics , Asians, whoever or whatever your ethnic background may be that we can come as one and be a happier nation. I feel that if people stop being so ignorant sometimes to their own personal values and beliefs and get to know the actual person who’s behind the skin color they might find something very interesting about that person . I believe that life is a gift , and that u should live day by day and have fun every moment you can. We often go about our day and not even think sometimes that were so blessed to be able to walk with our own two legs or just even see with our beautiful eyes . These are things that u might not think of in the morning when your getting out of bed and you open both your eyes and can see great , a lot of people who wake up in the morning are not that lucky so in my life I am very thankful for what I have . Most people always told me that I was too small to do this sport or not quick enough to play football. Well I guess , I was lucky cause this I believe , I have been on two nfl teams made some good money , I have traveled the world and still got some things I need to accomplish but for the most part getting my college education has been a great experience for me .

I have a lot of respect for others and I love to see others happy thats why I feel that social work is the major for me because seeing others get help soothes my soul. I believe that service is one of the main ethical principles that I like because it enables you to look into a primary goal to help those in need and to address social problems . I believe that our government is hiding some things to cover their buts but who knows why we are spending all this money on the war in another country when we have issues right here in our own country . Somethings we will never know as a nation and as citizens in the U.S so if u feel me knocking them let me in . And I believe that you should never frown because you never know who will fall in love with your smile !!