Yes, I Take the Glass Half Full, Thanks

Stephanie - Louisville, Kentucky
Entered on May 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When it comes to being in a good mood at all times, I would have to say that I do it best. No matter what the situation I always am optimistic about it. Even if I don’t want to be. I guess it’s just natural.

For example, whenever something happens that makes me extremely mad or frustrated, I don’t cry; I don’t yell or go off and take it out on someone/something else; better yet, I laugh. I will laugh at the person or just laugh because I am in disbelief. Yes, it’s kind of weird, I know; but it hasn’t failed me so far.

Most of my friends, oddly, are the exact opposite though. We could be in a situation together and they will be so mad or annoyed with it they almost can’t function. I can’t imagine letting little things even get near to making me that upset. Maybe this is a good thing though, where would they be without me to cheer them up? I also use my optimism to cheer people up and comfort them, perhaps differently then most people. Instead of saying ‘it’ll be okay’ and give a little hug, I simply make a joke or bring up a good ‘ole insider that can always crack a smile.

I’m not a fan of pessimistic people; I believe optimism is the way to go no matter what. Life is so much better when your happy or in a good mood about it, because sometimes if you’re not you make others not to be as well. I believe that if you can see the good in life you can be a better person or you are a good person; it is not necessarily a talent but it is certainly a good quality to have.

So next time any annoying, frustrating, sad, unplanned event comes along do two things:

1) In your head (or feel free to write because it could take awhile) write the pros and cons.

2) Give me a favor and put a big, huge, and gigantic ‘X’ on the con side.

I believe in strongly optimism and this is a good way to achieve it.