The Power of Fun

Allyson - Louisville, Kentucky
Entered on May 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

I believe in the power of fun.

No success can be achieved or be as great without fun. Fun is the key to success that is so often overlooked and forgotten. When things are taken too seriously and are made out to be so important that they make me nervous, it is obvious that fun has been forgotten. When all the fun is sucked out of a situation, the situation is no longer one of interest to me; therefore, I can’t succeed in whatever is taking place. Success is simply a byproduct of fun.

Last year my soccer team was the runner-up team in state. We worked hard and trained hard, but, at the same time, we always had fun. There was never a time when we weren’t laughing and joking on each other because that’s just how we are. Before games we would always do the same rigorous physical workout. While we did our workout we would joke around and dance, taking the pressure off of the game we were about to play. When the game started we would be focused, but at the same time not nervous. The key to our success was that we always had fun and never let the pressure of the game get the best of us.

This year, at the beginning of the season, my soccer team wasn’t doing so well. We were in a college showcase in Tennessee that we lost big time. After the game I thought back to what we did differently because I knew there had to be a reason we did so badly. As I thought back to our warm up I realized how tense and nervous we all were because of the fact that colleges would be watching us. We didn’t joke around and kid on each other like we usually did. We were quiet, nervous, and kept getting on each other’s backs about everything. We just weren’t our normal fun selves. Fun is the key ingredient to me and my team in the recipe for success, and without it, it is obvious we can’t do our best.

Fun isn’t a byproduct of success; success is a byproduct of fun. Without having a good time, nothing worthwhile can be achieved. The pure enjoyment of what I do everyday on my soccer team is enough for me to consider myself successful. Fun is what keeps me going and what makes my life so amazing. I can succeed at anything if I love it and have fun doing it. This I believe.