Alexander - San Diego, California
Entered on May 6, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: creativity

I believe in Music as an exceptional way of enjoyment in my all life.

Since I was a child I have been listening to different kinds of music. My first contact with music, I suppose was in my house, was with the music my parents used to listen to.

I was born into an environment where my parents loved the Classical Music of Beethoven, Haendel, Bach and Opera. Years later this music was combined with more music like the golden hits of Simon and Garfunkel. When I was a little child, I didn’t know anything about English but I used to repeat anything that I heard. I was not even in the school, but was in my house in north of Spain my parents used to listen to these American singers’ music. I remember every Sunday in the morning whenever my parents get up, after having breakfast, my father specially, played this music in the big Roselson record player. The loudspeakers were bigger than me! Music for me was another kind of enjoyment in my house because I didn’t have any brothers and sisters until I was nine. However, when I started going to school at about five or six years old, this enjoyment started to increase. In those years we used to learn a lot of songs in school. I remember we started singing sitting on the floor as if we were around a fire in a boy-scout camp.

I believe music is a personal healthy Therapy.

When I was involved in a lot of exams at the age of eleven years old, I started to enjoy music like a therapy. I started to use the music like a break and an instrument to be able to renew my energy and continue studying in hard times. In my University years, and later on, in my daily job experience, specially whenever I returned in the evening to the hotel or home, so that, it became my everyday diet for about three or four hours, I should say. Thus, I believe in Music as a part of my everyday’s experience and habit.

But, what is the thing that maintains my interest in music? Is the curiosity of finding a new song or sound. I know that I continue to feel surprise and glory singing songs and listening to the music. There is always something that you do not expect but that appears suddenly in music; moreover, you discover another star for your own collection. That is when I am not able to lose the opportunity of having that sound that I feel I like. Is just the moment whenever I feel obliged to record it from the radio or internet, since I am going to enjoy it repeatedly in many breaks or even better in my car. This way I touch the rhythm that makes me awake, feel good and it brings me inspiration and happiness in my life.

I believe in Music as the passion for discovering new excitement.

Alexander Otano

-International Student- San Diego State University