A Positive Outlook Creates Successful Results

Madison - San Diego, California
Entered on May 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope

Even though I am only a junior in college, I have learned many valuable lessons in my 21 years of living. Luckily, I was shown outstanding guidance from my parents who have taught me important aspects about life and its ups and downs. With my friend’s and family’s help I have formed values on what I think is the right was to live. I believe having a positive outlook on life helps create successful results in the future. To reach a goal in life whether it be turning in that big project on time in middle school, or making a college sports team, having good attitude is valuable to make it through the hardship.

Over the course of my life understanding that it takes discipline to earn good grades in school and do well in work has been imperative. Although, discipline and experience helps in most situations, it is important not to forget about having a positive attitude. Positivity should be linked with everything in life because that state of mind allows new possibilities.

The best example in my life where a positive attitude was essential was when I had to transfer to a new university. For the first two years of college I attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo University and was accepted there on a golf scholarship. The girl’s golf team ended up not working and I could not change my major while I was there. Due to this, I decided to switch to a different university. That transition resulted in me becoming depressed and I became upset because of my poor decision making in the past. I could have stayed at home going to community college and quit playing golf. After thinking things through, I knew I had to stay positive and think to myself, “I can still transfer and play golf for a university that I want to attend.” When I received my acceptance letter back from San Diego State University I was extremely happy and knew I wanted to try out for their golf team. Two weeks into my first year at SDSU I stayed positive, believed in myself, and was able to play well in tryouts. I am now a member of the SDSU golf team and have turned out to be great friends with the team this year. Additionally, I have become part of a great college community in San Diego.

When I am struggling with any type of friend, family, school or team situation I know I can get through it successfully with a positive outlook. Transferring universities and deciding to try out for the golf team was a tough step in my life. Instead, I have learned that keeping an open mind and being optimistic have been the keys to my happiness here at SDSU. Now, I am a girl’s golf collegiate team member, and graduating in spring 2009 as a political science major.