The Strangest Thing

Christa - San Anselmo, California
Entered on May 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, hope

In my life I have always tried to look at the “bright side of things” and tried to train my mind to think this way. I think it’s important to take the good out of every situation. When I was six years old, my Dad committed suicide and ever since I realize that some things you can’t change so your best alternative is to change you’re thinking into something that feels good. I believe in the power of positive thinking. It has helped me conquer many fears, doubts and sadness.

At six years old it is difficult to tell a child that her father has killed himself so I did not fully understand what had happened until I was eleven. Everyone in my life, parents, friends, teachers, classmates and my mom knew how my dad died except my sisters and I. When I found out, I was almost relieved. I always had this burning thought in my mind about his death and it was finally confirmed when my mom sat us down and told us what really happened. My dad took his own life and was never coming back.

This event has changed me forever. I could have hated him for being selfish and leaving his family behind but instead I decided that since I couldn’t change the past, I was going to change the way I thought to make the future as peaceful and as positive as it can be. I love my Dad and forgive him for what he did. This was my first step in becoming a positive thinker and the power behind this thinking has helped drive my life in the direction it is.

Once I started to think about everything positively, weather it was the test I was about to take or my very first date, my life felt better. I always want to feel good so I kept thinking positively and the strangest thing happened. I no longer had to “think” this way; it became second nature. That is what the power of positive thinking is. It’s the idea that if you can learn to approach your life with a positive mind set, you eventually will do it without having to think about it.

This isn’t an easy task and it wasn’t until this past year when I got out of a relationship that I realized I had fallen back into a negative trap. Once freed from that situation, I took my life perspective in the same way I did when I found out my father committed suicide. I could have been angry or upset and I was, but once that subsided I began to think positively and the strangest thing happened; it has become second nature to me again. I am so happy right now and find myself thinking about how much I love life at this exact moment and it’s all because of the power of positive thinking.