What i got to say

brandon - bowie md 20721, Maryland
Entered on May 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: question

What i got to say is that you never know what to believe.If you think about it in school they teach you to be atheist with all the talk about science. Trying to make us belive that we came from bacteria instead of from th hands of god. So going threw life some people just ask there selves all the time”what am i ti believe.” Including me. Somtimes i feel closer to god than anybody else. I just do simple to make me feel like im contributing to him.Like, saying excuse me after every sneeze or cough. I made a promise to god that i would never liter and ly. So in doing these thing it just make me feel really good about myself. I hate taking gods names in vein i feel that its really wrong. Religion is man made. So in life you really have no idea what to beleive anymore. And plus, It really seems like they make bible or religion everyday. So, the question stands is god fact or fiction. Nobody knows. Not even the pope, which by the way people worship him for reason and that like worshiping false idols. The only person i worship is my mom and dad and the man above because they made me. I hate when someone comes up in my face telling me i should beleive this and that. But, i just ask them”Why”.