Hidden Love

Brittany - Kyle, Texas
Entered on May 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe in a hidden love. This belief began when I first figured out that the love was there. I always thought I hated my mother, I always came up with the perfect thoughts on why I hated her, and I always believed in those thoughts. The main thought against my mother was that she hated me, but I found out otherwise. My mother was never very supportive, from kinder and up I always thought something was wrong with her, and she would tell me otherwise. We found out that there was something wrong with her, she was bipolar, as was the rest of my family. I was not surprised to hear this, she always got into fights, and she was always really emotional.

Well, one day way back in the depths of my fourth grade year our crazy ex-neighbor decided to stop for a, lets just say, not so nice visit. The reason I say crazy is because he actually was crazy, he would always draw little stick figures on his leg and talk to them. He would also trap animals under his house and let them starve to death. My mother was friends with him until he decided to try and starve one of our cats to death. My brother and I had to save the cat, meaning we had to crawl under his house and release it.

Well, he came over and for some odd reason decided he wanted to steal my bike, what a forty or fifty something year old wants to do with a fourth grader’s bike I am unsure of, all I know is that I really enjoyed that bike.

I told my mother, and immediately she ran out to save my bike. The only set back was that my mother had just gotten surgery on her neck in which they inserted titanium so her vertebrae would no longer be crushing itself because she had fallen down a flight of stairs. Also, my mother weighs around 120 pounds, and the crazy neighbor weighs about 300 pounds. So, my mother, who is almost as small as I am, took on our crazy ex-neighbor for a bike.

Amazingly enough she won, and I got my bike, but the titanium in her neck slipped out of place, and I had to call an ambulance. My mother went through what I think is something terrible and uncalled for, just for a bike that I enjoyed riding on occasion.

I found out that day that she did love me, and that’s how I knew that I always had a hidden love for her, and her courage. So, I believe in a hidden love.