Those in the Sky

Asher - Columbia, South Carolina
Entered on May 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Those in the Sky

I believe in angels, strange and magical, bright, and shy, but wonderful all the same, with a touch as dainty, and light as a feather but as powerful as a wrecking ball. Sometimes they soar smoothly above us. Other times they walk among us undetected, though always keeping a watchful eye on us as we go through our day. An angel’s essence is calm and tranquil, like a pool of water somewhere untouched and uninterrupted by the hurried world. Many times when we expect it the least, these angels will splash happiness in our lives when we covet it the most. I believe in angels, pure and simple.

I believe in guardian angels, angels responsible for looking after us troublesome humans. I laugh when I think about how hard I must be on my angel. How she must rejoice every night when I finally lay my head on my pillow. Our guardian angels help to sway us in the right direction as we come to a fork in the road we journey on. Sometimes the most delicate of touches is required to help us on our way, and sometimes we must be violently moved onto the right path. Our guardian angels are with us right now. I can’t imagine how ready they must be to leave this stuffy classroom where we now sit and spread their wings and fly freely again. I don’t know which one is more ready for Dr. Mayberry to dismiss class, my guardian angel or I.

I believe in angels because I have seen and felt them. Angels are shy and mysterious and only reveal themselves to us when they so choose . They can pop up in the strangest of places as I found out. Over the Christmas break, an angel revealed herself to me in a mall. She was about 5’ 7’’ with light brown hair, warm hazel eyes, and a face with a healthy red hue that must have come from years of flying so close to the sun in her home among the clouds. She was just walking among the shoppers, a Bed, Bath, and Beyond bag dangled from her arm and swung in perfect rhythm with her as she walked gracefully past me. Our eyes met and she smiled, a smile that would have lit up the entire mall if the power had gone out at that very same time. She turned around once more and smiled as she walked into Belk’s. The angel’s aura must have been brighter than I thought because I felt my face turn red with heat as our eyes unlocked and she disappeared among the field of sale clothes that filled the store.

Usually they don’t bless us by revealing themselves to us to see, but often you can feel their presence as they soar past us. Sometimes my angel must fly quite close to me because she makes a soft breeze that happily dances on my skin as she flaps her wings. One day last week the angels must have been in a great rush to help someone in some far land because they created great gusts of wind that weren’t so pleasant. I believe in angels, strange and magical, bright and shy, but wonderful all the same.