I Believe in Love

Fatima - Lanham, Maryland
Entered on May 6, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

Love is such a popular subject for everyone, including myself. Growing up I read a lot of love stories, and always dreamed of someone who I could be in love with forever. I used to always get lost in my own world of thoughts and dreams about the guy of my dreams. I used to always ask God to send me the one who can love me the most in this world, and instead of me finding him, he found me.

A couple years ago I became friends with a guy completely out of my culture, and my religion. I grew up in a very cultural and religious home. My family was strict on me because I was the youngest of everyone in my whole family and plus I was a girl. It was new to come across someone who lived a complete opposite of my life, and it was even more shocking for me to realize that I was slowly falling in love with him. And little did I know he was also falling in love with me.

We both lived a completely different lifestyle from each other; my family was strict and boring, while his was very fun and outgoing. Still he found something in me who was worth loving, and even though I knew my family would never accept us, I took the road on being with someone who will be the biggest change in my life.

In the beginning our relationship was fresh and knew, but the more we talked each other we never could get enough. He taught me so much about my life, taught me how to be strong and independent and I taught him how to trust and laugh. We both completed each other and fulfilled the dream of actually being with someone who can truly love you. He made me cry just as much as he made me smile, but at the end of the day nothing could tear us apart.

Before I met him, I thought that the love I have in my heart and brain to give someone was never going to happen, was only in books and movies, but I didn’t know that it can happen because there really is someone out there who you can call your soul mate. And I found mines, I found my belief.