Emily - lousiville, Kentucky
Entered on May 6, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

My little sister is going through her process of confirmation, so it is really making me think about my beliefs as a person. I’m a catholic, was baptized and had a first communion, and a confirmation. I’ve been talking to a person who is Baptist too, so I’ve been getting an idea of other religions. I’m starting to think up my own religion. A mixture of what I think is right from myself and from the catholic faith. I believe that religion and faith is one of the most important things that a person can have. I mean if you can turn to God whenever you need for help and guidance, you are always taken care of. I think though that you should have a set beliefs. Right now I am just searching and I would love to have it figured out. Just to have the feeling of an extra person there to help me is like a weight lifted on my shoulders. Faith and love in God is the most amazing feeling I can imagine, this I do believe.

Its not even that you need to be a catholic or a Muslim or Baptist, or anything you just need to have faith in someone or something somewhere. It gives a great feeling. We all don’t need to believe the same things. Or even close at all, but everyone should have some kind of belief , to help them through life .

My cousin was a big deal in this she is a very religions person and I always pushing her beliefs on others. It was making me, really believe that each person should have their own beliefs. And make them their selves, because they are their own beliefs.