What to say I Believe in?

Austin - San Jose, Illinois
Entered on May 5, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

It is hard for me to say that I believe in something when I believe in nothing. When you hear the word nothing what do you think of? Do you think of an empty room or a blank sheet of paper? But nothing is not always what you think it is. It can be many different things. Such as the connection that friends and family share and it can even be how you feel on those dark and gloomy days, just that emptiness in your soul.

Nothing can also be something. That something can be an important part of your or my life. Because you can have nothing but still make another person feel good about them selves. You can tell jokes or talk to them in a friendly conversation. Those people you talk to are just as important in yours or my life as in their own. They support you when you are down and feel like nothing is going your way. When you are feeling like nothing and your friends talk to you doesn’t it make you feel better, it does me. That nothing seems to blow away in the wind. Friends may help you but family can too.

Being an only child kind of makes it hard for me to talk to a family member without having to talk directly to my dad or mom. I will usually call a cousin to talk to them about a problem I have and then for a short while that I talk to them they become my brother or sister. And if I tell them nothing they would know that something is wrong and want to talk to me about it. Nothing is in family’s but a family can never be nothing. Think of all them times when you felt like nothing and a family member was there for you. They talked to you for an hour or so and after word you just felt as if you had accomplished the thing you have always wanted. The bad part is that nothing never goes away.

Nothing will always be there, you can scare it away but it will be back when something gets you down. Keep your family and friends close so you can lock away that nothing inside of you. Lock it up and through away the key. You always need that nothing once in a while to keep you alert and ready for what ever may be around the next corner. That nothing keeps your personality in bounds and without it you would go crazy. When you just say that you believe in nothing your really saying that you believe in something, even though you may not know what it is right away. So I really do believe in something.