There Is No Family Like Mine

Joseph - san diego, California
Entered on May 5, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

This I believe that I need a “family environment” to experience life to the fullest. I deserve the chance to experience the love, nurture, and protection a family member can provide.

As I reminisce on my family life. I thought about the different types of families I have experienced and loved being apart of. I am not talking about the stereotyped old American family, a mother, father, son, and daughter. For me it was about the people that love me, and make me feel good when I am around them.

I remember in my own life how I feel about my family. My mom and Step Dad would give up anything, or do anything if they knew they could help me. Heck, my Grandparents, brothers, aunts, uncles, and cousins would help in any situation if they could. I love them for that. I love those feelings of joy, happiness, and excitement when ever I am with them. As a big family with twenty grand kids, you think someone would stray away. No that is not the case everyone in my family feels the same way, as I do. And I love them for that and I consider my self lucky for ending up with them. Personally I really do mean it when I say I have the “#1 family in the World”.

Even as I came into college I never even thought about joining a fraternity. I just thought it was not for me, until time I meet these cool guys from Gamma Phi Epsilon. Who knew they were going to turn in something more than friends. People ask me all the time “why did you join a frat?” I can honestly say to them it was a family away from my other family. I know that I get these same feelings from my fraternity brothers as I would from my blood related family. I knew this family was real when one time, my car broke down coming

Through my family experiences, I have learned that a family is tight knit group of people that all work together to help make each other better. I also have learned that blood relation is secondary to the emotional bond that was built with group people around me which is the true essence of family.